Confederation Europeenne de l'Immobilier European Confederation of Real Estate Agents
19 Feb 2015

CEI Conference on European Standard

The Conference on real estate agents services, which has been developed by the European Standardisation Institute, CEN, has been hosted by CEI on 26th of November in Brussels. During the Conference participants from 18 countries have discussed the latest development of the Standard. It is expected, that the EN 15733 will be published by the CEN during December 2009 or January 2010. The Standard has already been adopted by the 31 members countries of CEN. Due to internal processes the publiction takes some time.

The topics, which were discussed during the conference were the transformation of the Standard into the work of the several real estate agents in Europe, the requirements of education and qualification and the possibilities of certification on the basis of the European Standard.

(on the picture: Jan Boruvka, EPAG, Margret Funk, OVI, Manuel Negrao, CEI, Sven Johns IVD, from right to left)

The conference was opened by Manuel Negrao, President of CEI, and Jan Boruvka, President of EPAG. Chairman of the conference was Andre Groot, who lead the discussions under the participants and representatives of the several real estate agents associations. He gave a brief review of the process of developing the Standard. “Finally, after 4 years, the process is finished, which began in November 2005 in the first session of CEN in Berlin”, said Andre Groot.

Sven Johns, IVD Germany, gave an introduction to the content of the Standard EN 15733 in its version that has been adopted by the CEN. The main topics of the standard are: information of clients, agreement between real estate agents and clients, providing of services, education and competencies, insurance and code of ethics.

During the discussion panels it was agreed to make a survey about the educational requirements in all national real estate agents associations and in some of the universities, which belong to the EUREDOC. The EN 15733 sets as a minimum standard of education an equivalent of 120 ECTS. In the Standard it is recognised that other methods of assessing competencies may be applied. Finatan McNamara, IPAV Ireland, recapitulated the irish requirements in education for real estate agents and opendes the discussion panel about education. Xavier Ortegat from CEPI introduced the idea of EUREDOC to the participants of the conference.

“The prespective of different associations is very important for the development and improvement of the Standard and of the services of real estate agents in Europe. We are all interested in having a higher level of quality in real estate agents services in Europe”, reviewed Manuel Negrao, President of CEI.

Anton Holzapfel, OVI Austria, explained the certification scheme for real estate agents in Austria and gave the introduction to the following discussion about certifying persons or companies. The existing national certification schemes in The Netherlands and in Germany were discussed as well. Dr. Peter Jonas, Austrian Standardisation Institute, gave an introduction into the certification of companies on the basis of the Standard EN 15733.

The participants of this follow-up conference after the CEN process agreed on a survey on all existing national certification schemes as well as on the requirements of the education of real estate agents. After having the results of the survey another conference will be accomplished.

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