Confederation Europeenne de l'Immobilier European Confederation of Real Estate Agents
19 Feb 2015

Manuel Negrao welcomed all attendees to the combined European Real Estate Congress of CEI and CEPI.

Berlin as the location for the signing of the agreement between CEI and CEPI to form a common platform for real estate professions in Europe was the right choice. Europe is growing together and Berlin symbolizes the interface between East and West. Moreover Berlin has a fantastic mix of old buildings, history, museums, tradition and modern properties and a modern architecture.

The combination of tradition and modernity should be the model for what the European associations CEPI and CEI started with the new platform. While preserving the tradition of both associations the development of something new, a new association with new basic conditions for real estate professions in Europe, has begun.

“With that platform and later on the new association we want to reinforce the political representation of interests of our professions. We have to reach a higher importance in political decisions in Brussels for all real estate agents and managers.”

The first joint project is of high importance. The Professional Card. Not less important Mr. Negrao mentioned the standardization and stabilization of “basic conditions as rules for our professions in whole Europe”. In the associations CEI and CEPI are about 175.000 real estate agents and managers organized. “We are the major representation of interests of real estate professions in Europe. As association we have the function to define basic conditions when the legislator does not. I have in mind a unified Code of Ethics, rules for insurances of real estate agents and managers and a consistent complaints management in our member companies.”

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